Market and Opinion Research

Sensus is a private company for Market and Opinion Research, held by Ricardo Guedes F. Pinto, Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Chicago.


We have been in the market for twenty-nine years. We have conducted about 4,000 researches and polls in Brazil. We have national and international experience both in Brazil and Angola, and in other countries. We work for the private sector, media, political parties, and government. We work for the World Bank - BIRD, ISSP/University of Michigan, NORC/University of Chicago, London Business School, and for many international organizations and private companies. We have conducted two world surveys and two-hundred national surveys in the last ten years.

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We do

Quantitative Surveys

Focus Groups

In Depth Interviews

Census Researches

Web Researches

Georeferencing Researches

We work in the following areas

Market and Product Research

Audience and Media Research

Opinion and Political Polls

Private and Public Policy Research

Political Risk Analysis

Our address is

R. Grao Para 737 - 4 andar

Belo Horizonte - MG 30150-341 


Contact us

Phone. +55-31-33042100
Fax. +55-31-33042130



R. Grão Pará 737 - 4˚andar

Santa Efigênia - 30150-341

Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil


R. Grao Para 737 - 4 andar

Santa Efigenia - 30150-341

Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil


31 - 33042100

Call us

+55 - 31 - 33042100​